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Emily Seunarine

Emily Seunarine

Biographical Info

I like working with people and being there for the big moments; having their first child, buying their first house… being there for them when they are going through the good stuff and the bad stuff… I love the personal connection and the trust that builds up over time.

I like being able to help people understand what they have in a financial plan, educating them so that they can make their own decisions and not be dependent on others.

I believe in an honour system with honesty and integrity and love working with others that respect and honour that as well.

To me it is not worth sacrificing your values to get ahead.

I was attracted to Financial Planning because it aligned with my core values. Enabling me to have a great career by helping others get further in their lives through coaching and educating.
180 Northfield Drive West, Unit 6 Waterloo, Ontario N2L 0C7
W#: 519-772-5195 ext. 2272, C#: 226-606-5135

What Services Emily Seunarine Offers?

I work with family's and businesses building financial plans with a money for life mindset through:

  • Budgeting
  • Accessible investment strategy
  • Holistic financial planning
  • Goal achievement
    • Children's education
    • Retirement
  • Tactical dynamic life planning
  • Bereavement coaching
  • Life transitioning
  • Proactive emergency planning

The most important step in providing clear financial solutions is understanding your needs.

Emily Seunarine’s Ideal Clients.

I work with family's and businesses building financial plans with a money for life mindset.

Profession Financial Advisor



Emily Seunarine

Should I invest my $100,000 inheritance or pay off debt?

My wife and I have about $130,000 in cash – $100,000 from an inheritance, $30,000 of savings. We own about $30,000 of stocks (including Celgene, Alphabet, Facebook, Bombardier and three medical marijuana companies). What should we do with our cash? We own a $475,000 home with a $250,000 mortgage at a fixed rate of 2.7 […]

Emily Seunarine

Stop pre-paying the mortgage

In today’s low-interest-rate world, reducing your mortgage as fast as possible may not be the smartest move. Here’s why you should invest first. It’s easy to think of real estate in Canada’s heated urban centres as a solid investment. With the average cost of a detached home in Toronto soaring above $1.3-million in October – […]

Emily Seunarine

But of course you get less in retirement. You’re a woman

Senior fellow at the Queen’s University Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace. She is a 2016 YWCA Toronto Woman of Distinction. Every Monday morning, a Toronto daily newspaper publishes a set of tables showing data on financial issues such as interest rates, mortgage rates and the monthly annuity payments Canadians can expect from financial […]

Emily Seunarine

Women view money differently – planners should get that

If financial advisors want to build trust with female clients, they need to forge relationships and create confidence   Money is not a gender neutral topic. Women think and talk about managing and investing money differently than men, say financial advisors who focus on improving services for female clients. A recent CIBC poll of women […]

Emily Seunarine

The Top 5 new retirement trends and how they will affect your retirement

One hundred years ago, the concept of retirement did not exist. We started working at the age of 15 (usually at a job that required physical labour) and we statistically died at 47 years of age. As jobs changed, life expectancy grew and social patterns developed, so did the concept of retirement. In fact, retirement […]

Emily Seunarine

Many Canadians in the dark on minimum debt payments

TransUnion survey finds 39 per cent of participating Canadians weren’t certain about the benefits that come with making more than minimum monthly payments on their debt Canadians who regularly make more than the minimum payments on their debt are less likely to fall into delinquency – but more than a third of consumers aren’t certain […]

Emily Seunarine

Money mistakes millennials make and how to prevent them

‘The mistake people make is that they assume, because they aren’t math inclined or they’re not in love with spreadsheets, that they can’t be good at dealing with their money,’ he says It was after going through some old financial statements that Samara Fields realized that, for several months while at university, she had been […]

Emily Seunarine

Some Canadians cooling to the RRSP | Metro News

Some Canadians cooling to the RRSP (Special) – The Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) has been one of the main pillars of retirement saving for six decades, but a recent poll has found that almost one in seven Canadians are feeling indifferent toward or even negative about their plans and the RRSP season. The poll by […]

Emily Seunarine

Tax benefits for kids: What’s new this year

Not sure about the latest changes to child tax benefits in Canada? Find out what’s new, so you can get the tax breaks you’re eligible for. Between child care, food, clothing and school, raising children costs a lot of money. Each year at tax time, it pays to know about the tax relief the government […]