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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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As a CPA, CMA for 25 years I have helped companies improve their financial results. Through my volunteer work with CPA Canada I learned that there is a great need for personal financial planning. My goal is to help people create, increase, protect and transfer wealth through prudent financial planning principles, advice and service. Through Investors Group I am able to provide detailed personal financial plans for my clients that cover Six Disciplines of Financial Planning.

Volunteer Work:

Tax Clinics for low income individuals and persons with disabilities - CPA Canada

Financial Literacy Clinics – CPA Canada

Personal Interests:

Resident of Milton

Family, friends, photography, travel, reading

What Services Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA Offers?

Holistic Financial Plans which includes:

  • Investment Planning
    • Non-registered, TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RDSP
    • Securities, Mutual Funds ETF's, GIC's
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Debt management
  • Mortgages/Loans/Lines of Credit
  • Banking Services


Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA’s Ideal Clients.

I enjoy educating adults of all ages, as to how best prepare for the future. 

My ideal clients, who I REALLY enjoy working with, are young families.

The reason why I enjoy working with young families is because they are in the midst of planning for their future, and planning for their children's education.  here is a whole lot going all at once and people can get overwhelmed with their  financial planning as well with LIFE!

After creating a plan together on paper,  it's most satisfying when we implement the plan - really getting them started, as this gives them control over their life and their future...  that is what I am truly passionate about!



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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

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Stratis Tsapoitis, CPA, CMA

Effective Conflict Resolution (Optimist room)

Event: May 31, 2018 Milton Sports Center 605 Santa Maria Blvd., Milton, ON L9T 6J5 Tonight we will learn about effective problem-solving skills and reasons why arguments often escalate. We will talk about the stages of conflict and when effective intervention/resolution is expected.