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Linda Walters, Mortgage Broker

Linda Walters, Mortgage Broker

Helping Families Open New Doors

Biographical Info Linda is a highly motivated individual that will work diligently on your behalf. She is focused, energetic and customer orientated. She is very knowledgeable on mortgage and home financing options after 14years in the industry. You can rely on Linda to provide you with the right set of choices the first time. She is here for Canadians like you who are looking to fall in love with their first home, move up to their dream home or vacation property, or renew a mortgage using the equity in a home for everything from renovations to debt consolidation. She helps homeowners ask the right questions, compare mortgage rates and privileges, design a mortgage based on their needs, and understand how to make their mortgage work for them. You’ll love how we treat every mortgage solution as if we were working with you to build your dream home - carefully constructed to match your unique requirements." I have access to more than 50 lending institutions, including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders to ensure we are able to provide just the right mortgage solution for you needs today and tomorrow. It is important to talk to me before signing on a home. Let me help you get your approval on that first-time home buyer loan or home improvement loan squared away. When you find your dream home, you’ll have the confidence to secure it. 

What Services Linda Walters, Mortgage Broker Offers?

My unique offering is that I am able to facilitate a mortgage transaction in each province of Canada. When clients are changing jobs and relocating I am able to help make that transition stressfree when it comes to the mortgage! 

The other mortgage products that I am truly passionate about and very versed in our for my fellow entrepreneurs. It has become so extremely difficult to get a mortgage when you are a business owner. It does not have to be that way! Out of my 50 lenders , I have one lender that has 9 products alone specifically to help you get financing during any stage of your business. 

I am thrilled to offer financing on commercial spaces, land, agricultural zoning, multiplexes and other investment properties. There is always a way to secure financing when you are working with a seasoned broker.

Mostly I am helping people securing financing on their new home purchase whether its a first time home buyer, second time buyer, down sizing or right sizing buyers. I am there every step of the way to ensure a smooth closing happens each time. 

There is nothing more satisfying than watching my clients financial dreams become reality! 

Linda Walters, Mortgage Broker’s Ideal Clients.

Ideally if you have ever been given bad advice or the bank won't help you, then please sit down and talk with me. It is my absolute pleasure to give sound solid advice and guidance to those who have been led down the wrong path. I take a holistic approach when I am looking for the right mortgage solution for clients so that they are not surprised in the future but make the right choice today.

My clients are professionals usually with a growing family and are very busy therefore appreciate that I am able to come to their home or office when it's convenient for them. This removes stress and that is always a goal.



Profession Mortgage Broker



Linda Walters, Mortgage Broker

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Linda Walters, Mortgage Broker

Why you would use a Broker?

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