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Josie Giannola

Josie Giannola

Biographical Info

Expert in the mortgage transaction through the personal experience of renovating real estate for profit plus helping clients achieve their real estate goals.

I have been buying, customizing , designing and renovating homes for 22 years. With that said, I have had personal mortgage financing experience in many likely circumstances i.e mat leave, self employment, equity take out for future investment properties. I can relate to the mortgage transaction on several levels; from working for the big banks, to going back to the broker channel and through personal experience which I am always eager and happy to share my multi-level experience with my clients. 

Since owning a renovation company with my husband, I am often tied to real estate in many aspects. I have staged homes for realtors and renovated many homes which means that I have a community of contacts directly related to real estate. 

Finally and probably most shocking is my primary background in dentistry. I have been lucky in my career and spent many years acting as a business consultant to many dentist owners and coaching clinically in all of North America. With that said, dentistry has shown me to empathize with anyone in a vulnerable state and I understand first hand how finances and your mortgage are no different. It is one of the biggest decisions to make and I have the sensitivity and the expertise to walk you through this!

I am an outside the box thinker and my clients know that Josie will always make many attempts to find a way to get it done with her clients' financial welfare and personal situation at the heart of every transaction. 

What Services Josie Giannola Offers?



Purchase financing

Investment portfolio financing 

Rental mortgages

Spousal buyout advice and expertise

Private lending, alternative lending and monoline "A' lending 

First and Second mortgages

Lines of Credit 

Josie Giannola’s Ideal Clients.

Families or singles looking to purchase a home in the Hamilton and surrounding area

Investors looking to use their equity in a primary home or rental property to buy other homes

Newly separated or divorced individuals looking to buyout their spouse and are not sure where to start

Highly motivated people looking to renovate and flip "fixer uppers"!

Self employed individuals who are looking for financing and haven't had luck with traditional methods of getting a mortgage

Clients looking for private funds to finance projects/homes




Josie Giannola

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