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Tamsen Taylor

Tamsen Taylor

Biographical Info

Tamsen promotes emotional wellness through education, with an emphasis on community. She is an Emotional Educator, Truth Questioner, and Community Creator. Her two main specialties are supporting women who are grieving fertility challenges and miscarriages, and confidence training for creative professionals. Tamsen has a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, is certified in the Grief Recovery Method ® by the Grief Recovery Institute ®, and is a certified project manager (PMP). Tamsen launched the Momtellectual podcast in July 2017 to keep her community informed and connected, and has been running the Guelph Moms Supporting Moms Facebook group since September 2015. She is primarily motivated to help mothers so that they can help their own children, and runs group classes to help mothers heal their own pain and to teach their own children to deal with loss in a healthy way.

What Services Tamsen Taylor Offers?

I am certified in the Grief Recovery Method®, and I run workshops and classes to help support women who are struggling emotionally during fertility challenges and after miscarriage.
To find out about current offerings, you can visit my booking website at
Additionally, I teach confidence classes, primarily aimed at creative professionals who are interested in mentoring others, and who would like to help them be less limited by fear.

Tamsen Taylor’s Ideal Clients.

My ideal clients are women who are suffering emotionally from fertility challenges and/or miscarriage, and who are interested in feeling supported and whole again through an educational approach.

Profession Parent Resource Co-ordinator



Tamsen Taylor

How to Talk to Children about Death

Does the thought of having to discuss death with your child leave you scared or confused? Or maybe even just uncomfortable? If not, you’re in a minority. For most of us, we have been taught to avoid negative emotions, and that leads to us not having great strategies for communicating about negative experiences and feelings. […]

Tamsen Taylor

How to Talk to Children about Illness (Workshop)

If you or your child is experiencing a serious illness, it is a very serious change to have to understand and adapt to. If you want to support children who are going through a serious illness, or if you or another person important to your child is experiencing a serious illness, this workshop will provide […]

Tamsen Taylor

How to Talk to Children about Moving (Workshop)

Moving can be an extremely stressful experience for a child, even if it’s just moving down the street. Moving is a hugely significant emotional change, and you may not know how to prepare your child for it. This workshop will teach you tools and techniques to support your child through a move, and what to […]

Tamsen Taylor

Supporting Children Through Loss

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or other caregiver, you may know that sinking feeling when you are faced with a child suffering sad and painful feelings. The reality is that children are relying on you to help them navigate through life. If the thought of your child being sad leaves you feeling helpless, scared, […]

Tamsen Taylor

Learn How to Heal After Loss

Grief is the natural and normal reaction to any emotional loss. But, if you’re finding yourself “stuck”, you may have learned and be applying unhealthy and unnatural ways of dealing with grief. Grief experiences include death and divorce, but also include other experiences not often labelled as grief, including situations which involve conflicting feelings due […]

Tamsen Taylor

When You Have a Special Needs Child (Workshop)

When you have a special needs child, you understand the paradox. You love your child just as they are, you struggle to help them overcome their challenges, and you are sometimes (often!) frustrated when they can’t meet the expectations that exist for a “normal” child. One of the most important things when dealing with a […]

Tamsen Taylor

How to Talk to Children about Divorce (Workshop)

If you are experiencing or anticipating ending a marriage or long term relationship, you know one of the most emotional aspects is the enormous fear of the impact it will have on the kids. If you want to support children who are going through the breakup of their parents’ relationship, or if you are divorcing […]

Tamsen Taylor

Four Hours to Live

It’s a common question asked, sort of a meaning of life thing. What would you do if you only had a few hours to live? It’s supposed to give Source: Four Hours to Live

Tamsen Taylor

5 Ways to Be More Creative

Creativity, innovation, invention. Sound good? In essence, creativity involves coming up with ideas that are “outside the box”, or new ways of looking Source: 5 Ways to Be More Creative

Tamsen Taylor

Parent Resource Portal :: Is Vacation a Vacation?

For many of us moms, vacation isn’t really a vacation! It may be a vacation from school for our kids and vacation from work for our spouse, but that often means more work for us. Do you need a vacation from this vacation? Still, I am grateful for Fridays. For about 500 miliseconds when I […]