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Ash Nandrajog

Ash Nandrajog

Biographical Info As Founder and CEO of iGotPro! I am here to ensure that your experience at iGotPro is awesome. This New Platform designed specially for Professionals will transform the way we Prospect in order to reach our ideal clients. In my job as a financial advisor, I had to prospect for my new clients. In doing so, I had to go to various networking meetings where I met many other professionals who offer various other services. In all those meetings, I found that as small business service providers we all face similar challenges. We have to find our ideal clients for the lowest investment of our time and money so that we can focus on what we enjoy doing. "Helping our clients with our expertise". As part of my networking efforts, I found some very trustworthy professionals who were willing to work with me to cross-promote our services to each other's client base. However, in the absence of an effective networking platform, it wasn't very effective. This laid the foundation for iGotPro. We designed this platform after years of research and interviews with hundreds of professionals who share the same pain. iGotPro aims to become the platform of choice for professional service providers who wish to cross-promote their services through their trust relationships with other professionals. If you are a Professional Service Provider who is looking to grow their business through Knowledge sharing, collaboration, cross-promotion and trust relationships, then iGotPro is the platform for you. We welcome you to join us and try it out. We value your valuable feedback as we continue to evolve and grow with you.

What Services Ash Nandrajog Offers?

iGotPro offers the following benefits to its valued members:

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 Features Enthusiast Membership (Free) Executive Membership
Invite friends and professionals
Send and receive messages
Participate in group conversations
Create a profile and upload links
Upoad contacts securely
Create a professional network
Collaborate with professionals
Create contacts group
Write posts and share with professionals
Send messages to group members
Database storage of articles, contacts
Create a newsletter
Create multiple email campaigns  
Send or publish newsletter to contacts  
View reports on engagement  
Ash Nandrajog’s Ideal Clients.

Our ideal clients are small business service providers who are looking to grow their business by working in a team with other professionals like them who wish to cross-promote their services to each other's client base through knowledge sharing.

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Ash Nandrajog

Are you a Farmer or a Hunter?

You may have heard the popular phrase “Some business salespeople are farmers and some are hunters”. Some like to plant many seeds among prospects, water them, nurture them, and help them grow. Some people are hunters, scouting for prospects and pursuing people who could become customers.