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Diane Nelson

Diane Nelson

Diane Nelson

Biographical Info

I am inspired when I hear my clients pause and say... "ah ha"! It is at this moment a new insight has been discovered and a change in behaviour is about to take place.

Coaching & Training:
When people work together day after day they form patterns of communication and responses. From time to time, those patterns need to be interrupted so that better results can emerge. I lead people through a learning process to: examine the impact they have on colleagues; adjust and add new skills; and I support their achievement to continuously practice and strive to embody effective leader behaviour and attitudes. My clients are moved from their static position they have become accustomed to and move from knowing what 'right' looks like to doing it.

One-with-One Coaching:
Managers and senior leaders who want to push themselves to achieve personal goals and milestones thrive in a one-with-one coaching contract. Successful & experienced leaders impact their future and their company when they make "slight-edge" improvements. The difference between a silver and a gold metal is measured in fractions of time/distance/weight. So too is leadership and personal success.

Building Teams:
When an employee can utilize their strengths 80% of their work day, they are engaged, productive, happy and fulfilled. I help business owners and senior leaders to identify, select and orient the right person to fit the job position.

I have worked with local community, national and international charities for over 25 years. I have built and lead high performing teams. I have attracted expert and influential members to Boards of Directors. I have guided the transition from operational to governance boards, developing highly differentiated and professional teams to exceed short and long term goals. I bring an entrepreneurial framework to assess and grow social enterprise opportunities.


What Services Diane Nelson Offers?

Coach Program Offerings  January 2021 

6 – Month Coaching Program                                                                                                  

  • 6 – Week Resilience Fitness Program (detailed below)
  • Bi-Weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions following the conclusion of the Resilience Fitness program (Minimum of 8 sessions)

12 – Month Coaching Program                                                                                                     

  • 6 – Week Resilience Fitness Program (detailed below)                  
  • Bi-Weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions following the conclusion of the Resilience Fitness program (Minimum of 20 sessions scheduled at client’s convenience)

6 – Week Resilience Fitness Program                                                                                      

  • Weekly POD facilitation
  • Two 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly instructional videos
  • Guided practice by PQ App
  • On-line access to 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine

12 – Week Resilience Fitness Program                                                                                      

  • Weekly POD facilitation
  • Four 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions
  • 7 instructional videos
  • Guided & personalized practice by PQ App.
  • On-line access to 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine

Coaching Sessions - Packages

  • Hourly Coaching Rate                                   
  • 3 - Sessions       
  • 6 - Sessions       

Team Development Program

6 & 12 Session Courses

Leader Mastermind Groups for Communication, Motivation & Productivity, Managing Others; Managing Change

Monthly Meetings – 12 month Cycles

Boost Your Resilience – Training

  • 90 minute webinar
  • Half day workshop


Diane Nelson’s Ideal Clients.

I work with people who are seeking a promotion into a leadership role.

They may be looking for their first step into management, as a Team Leader or Department Head or they may be ready to position themselves for a senior Leadership role.

I help them prepare for and thrive in a leadership position by removing the internal negative chatter that interrupts their confidence and gets in the way of communicating positively with their team members.

The ability to communicate with clarity and listen to connect with others is the primary skill for successful leadership.

Leaders at all levels need to be able to motivate and support their team members to navigate through challenges and change.  Typically, we do not learn these skills in school nor in the workplace.  By working with me, Leaders become aware of their strengths, build upon them and minimize their weaknesses.

I have a preference in working with the Canadian Manufacturing sector, particularly those who are employing innovative practices or developing innovative products and services.  Companies who demonstrate a concern for the environment and have products or services that directly impact climate change are the top of my list. 

Profession Certified Facilitator & Leadership Coach



Diane Nelson

Motivation: What’s in a Leader’s Toolbox

This is one in a series of stories about communication conflicts that occur on Teams and between Colleagues and Leaders.  It is a companion to the series about nasty self-talk.  The negative energy resulting from interpersonal communication conflicts and self-talk is based on a body of research that includes Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Performance Science & […]

Diane Nelson

Damage caused by…….excessive fear!

The number of new COVID-19 cases suggest we are in another wave and it might be bigger than the previous! To someone who’s default is to see how things can go wrong in most situations, this feels like the other shoe has dropped! In this article I am speaking to leaders who have the tendency […]

Diane Nelson

What are leadership weaknesses?

You might be surprised to learn that your weaknesses are your strengths. How can that be, you ask? For example, let’s consider the strengths that many leaders and entrepreneurs possess. Goal oriented, driven, hardworking, competitive, and achievement oriented, to name a few. Great strengths to have as a leader. These attributes are fundamental for businesses to get off […]

Diane Nelson

Master Communication… Inside & Out

The art of communication has always been a fascination of mine. From an early age, we are admonished during play to “use our words” to express our thoughts and emotions. In business leadership courses we are reminded to “communicate, communicate, communicate”! As if that was all we needed to know to resolve problems, build teams and increase productivity. […]

Diane Nelson

Getting Your Life On A Roll

  August 30 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Many people have trouble with goal setting because it is an attempt to put emotional, personal and wishful ideas into a somewhat static, rational process with binders and forms. The Getting Your Life On A Roll experience is different. It encourages a playful, fun, imaginative process that gets people thinking […]

Diane Nelson


Wednesday July 10, 2019 5 PM – 7 PM DUKE & DUCHESS 900 JAMIESON PKY # 10, CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO N3C 4N6 REGISTER NOW Do you go to networking events in hopes of meeting prospects for your service or product but all you have to show for the time you spent is a few business cards? […]

Diane Nelson

Leading a Diverse Workplace

by MARC LACOURSIÈRE on JUNE 3, 2019 In her 1987 book, That’s Not What I Meant Deborah Tannen highlights how where we’re from, our life experiences, culture, generational and other factors contribute to the way we communicate. Rather than creating a culture in our organizations where everyone is the same, Tannen reinforces the need to recognize the differences in […]

Diane Nelson

A World of Mendacity

by WAYNE VANWYCK on MAY 21, 2019 A theme of the play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is mendacity, an interesting word that means lies and untruths. The play reveals an intricate web of lies within a dysfunctional family and examines the discrepancy between who people pretend to be and who they actually are. The characters lie about […]

Diane Nelson

Bring Honesty to Your Leadership

by MELANIE TAYLOR on MAY 1, 2019 Trust is a key element of effective leadership and honesty is essential to build that trust. If you were asked to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is extremely honest, what score would you give yourself? What elements of honesty make up your self-assessment?  Did you rate how honest you are […]