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Biographical Info

Karen enjoys camping, and attending wellness events. I love the outdoors, I enjoy fresh air, and good company.

I have been teaching for 30 yrs , my main style is Hatha yoga, I have added chair yoga in, and do combo classes for all levels.

I have been a Reiki Master teacher since 2008

Cranial sacral emotions therapy since 2005

I have a unique gift of releasing negative energy interference, from the auric field and the body. For those having unusual pains in body, shoulder, neck, or stomach. If you cannot find a solution, quite often it stems from emotions trapped or having a operation and never feeling quite the same.

I release emotional patterns that are stuck in the body, mind or soul. I have done work with soul parts retrieval as well. Many of us threw away a soul piece, when we were in trauma. You can now ask for it back, We can assist, if we check in to see what is ready to return. With it comes energy, that you are missing, positive energy. It is a exciting and relaxing time after is needed to embrace more joy.


We do many retreats in Ontario, Usa, Jamaica, and Hawaii . If you know a group that needs a leader in wellness workshops, nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga, Reiki sessions, cranial sacral sessions, and 30 yrs of teaching meditation and subconscious mindful work shops.

I love teaching and sharing what I have learned taking courses around the world.


What Services karenegoff Offers?

 Weekly Yoga class

Every Wednesday on line, at 1pm with Unity church, Kitchener hosting.  We show chair yoga, mat and standing are options.

We do stand for part of class, you can sit if needed.


Reiki online or in person   

Cranial sacral body therapy, re connecting your energy through the science of the spinal connective tissue

and the c.s. fluid flow. It is a fascinating system, gentle hands work to create flow and re connect you.


Reiki Teaching

Reiki training for level 1, 2, 3 and teachers


We teach all levels of Reiki in person, and we now do this online.

We like to do the attunements in person, but we can do it on line, if distance is a issue.


Grief Relief  The base of this  class I learned from a California teacher I met many years ago named John James.

His work changed my life. Want to get over it...we have the class for you.

This is a introductory class for 4 hours , and a full day  class as well.

Be ready to move forward, and release  the upstream battle!

Link will follow.


Dowsing-In more modern times, dowsing has been used to find water for wells, mineral deposits, oil, buried treasure, archaeological artifacts - even missing people. How the dowsing technique was first discovered is unknown, yet those who practice it are unwavering in their affirmations that it does work.





karenegoff’s Ideal Clients.

Our ideal client our women over 30 yrs of age, who need more energy, and are stressed.

Many ladies do not feel supported, as we need to allow healing.


Profession Certified Wellness Practitioner




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Fresh Mint and catnip plants available!

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Yoga weekly Wednesdays Online

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