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Rob Devlin

Rob Devlin

Rob Devlin

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Professional Home Inspector, Master Electrician, Bach. Of Education- Construction Technologies
Rob has an extensive construction background including 25years as a licensed electrician and 15years as residential electrical contractor. At Canadian Home Inspection Services, we are able to provide a comprehensive, top to bottom inspection and report, along with accurate cost estimates, remodeling advice and recommended repair methods.
Working closely with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), we follow their “Standards of Practice” and “Code of Ethics” to ensure that our inspections are conducted with fairness and impartiality to all parties involved in a real estate transaction

What Services Rob Devlin Offers?

Residential Home Inspection

with Canadian Home Inspection Services
When buying or selling a home, a full home inspection can save you unexpected headaches. Demand expert home inspectors – and settle for nothing less! Your investment depends on them. Canadian Home Inspection Services is Canada’s leader and only home inspection company offering all inspection services under one roof. Expertise you can rely on.

Rob Devlin’s Ideal Clients.

Home buyers and sellers receive detailed reports after a comprehensive inspection and discussion regarding the main components of their current or potential homes.

Partnered with realtors, mortgage brokers and property managers in both the residential and commercial sales industries. 

Profession Home Inspector



Rob Devlin

Kitec Plumbing

  What is Kitec Plumbing? One recent plumbing innovation, known as “Kitec Plumbing”, was introduced in Canada in 1995, and was used until 2007. “Kitec” was the most common brand it was sold under, but the following brands were also used: AmbioComfort AQUA KERR Controls IPEX Plomberie Amelioree PlumbBetter WarmRite XPA  Plumbers considered this to […]

Rob Devlin

Electrical Inspections

What is ElecCheck? ElecCheck is an inspection of your home’s electrical wiring and/or devices by an ElecCheck inspector to identify potential electrical hazards that could lead to a fire or shock. ElecCheck will be available across Ontario, for homes that meet the criteria, starting on July 3, 2018. It is focused on homes built prior […]

Rob Devlin

Permit or No Permit

Permit or No Permit? So you finally decided to build a deck at the back of your house to host this summer’s family gathering. And while you’re at it, you figure it’s time to add a utility shed to your back yard to store that shiny, new lawnmower. Before starting on your projects, you ask […]

Rob Devlin

Insuring an Older Home

Insurability Issues when Buying an Older Home Thinking about buying a character home? The issues outlined below may impact your ability to insure your home. And if the insurance industry won’t cover a home, the banks won’t provide a mortgage. According to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, if you are looking to purchase an […]

Rob Devlin

Basement Apartments

                  LIVING DOWN UNDER    With proper planning, your new basement apartment can be a smooth and uneventful project. There are many requirements that must be met; most of them are established by the Building Code in your area and your Municipal by-laws.     Zoning & […]

Rob Devlin

Remodeling a Bathroom

Homeowners and house flippers love to remodel bathrooms. Why not? Next to kitchen remodeling, bathrooms are one of the best bangs for the remodeling buck. Bathroom remodeling deficiencies, whether done through ignorance or carelessness, are quite common. Take your time in remodeling the bathroom so it meets all safety and building code requirements. New standards, […]

Rob Devlin

Interior Weeping Tile Drainage System

What is an interior weeping tile system?   An interior weeping tile system, also referred to as an internal perimeter drain system, is internal waterproofing that is the alternative to foundation excavation and waterproofing usually for a concrete block foundation. Compared to exterior waterproofing, an interior weeping tile system is much less expensive (since no […]

Rob Devlin

12 Signs your home was a marijuana grow-op

CBC News · Posted: Mar 08, 2013 5:43 AM ET | Last Updated: March 8, 2013 There are particular signs to look out for that indicate you might be living in a former marijuana grow-op. Police dismantle an average of 23 grow operations each year. Some by-laws lays out how these properties must be re-mediated […]

Rob Devlin

Is Your Fuse Panel Safe?

       Commander fuse panels are no longer CSA certified. No longer CSA certified means that it would not be acceptable to install this panel in a home today. It does not mean that it must be removed from your home if you have one. There are certified replacement breakers that are allowed to […]

Rob Devlin

Basement Bedrooms: Required Egress

Safety: Basement Bedrooms Required Egress (or How to get out in an emergency) While a Home Inspection is not a code inspection and older homes are built to codes that are maybe not as strict as more modern ones, a Home Inspection, performed by a Professional Home Inspector should be able to alert you to […]