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Sandi Browne BEWELL

Sandi Browne BEWELL

Sandi Browne BEWELL

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Sandi Browne…as a wellBEing leader, mastery level board certified NLP practitioner and coach, oil lover, and global facilitator/speaker, she has empowered people and companies across the globe for the last 25 years to develop their professional / leadership skills and take charge of their personal wellBEing and company wellness programs with essential oils, NLP coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation, movement, mindfulness, mind shifting, energy/Reiki  and other self awareness healing tools and strategies. 

Expanding her journey three years ago to include doTERRA was a no brainer so she can continue to work alongside her peeps in truly building a natural lifestyle / wellbeing approach / company wellness with doTERRA’s beyoutiful essential oils. 

As a corporate Mama with kids she gets the demands on Mom’s, Dad’s, families, individuals and companies in our day to day life.  She loves to connect the dots to help people understand the root cause and best solution to meet their needs including how our brain runs the show with stories and emotions that impact us physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. 

Sandi is a Silver Leader with doTERRA with a goal of empowering 1,000 households and company workplace wellness programs by 2021.  Bye bye corporate world! Hello more natural living and wellbeing empowered households and companies!  Her wish is that everyone BEWELL now! 

What Services Sandi Browne BEWELL Offers?

Natural Living and wellBEing solutions with doTERRA Essential Oils

Biz and Mindset Coaching


Energy Healing



Sandi Browne BEWELL’s Ideal Clients.

On the go Mom's looking to uplevel their families' health naturally and or break through any blocks holding them back from living their dream life! 

Profession Empowerment Coach



Sandi Browne BEWELL

Natural wellBEing reboot: Oct 3rd or 15th

Laugh, learn & love on doTERRA’s new solutions to reboot your life / wellbeing – especially in support of tummy, stress, anti aging, inflammation, & emotional blocks.  Grab a hot cuppa of joy and join us to hear how you these gifts of the earth will truly support your life long wellbeing!  While the photo […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

Summer Essentials Naturally

    The summer heat and vibes are here! Forget the rush-rush busy school mornings, it’s time for relaxing and chillin’ with the children, entertaining with friends & family, or traveling. Enjoying long lazy days, soaking in the sunshine (and vitamin D) and the beauty of the outdoors—glorious! There are some things about summer that […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

Empower your life and wellBEing naturally!

Did you know……….. 2.6 million Canadians suffer from mood/anxiety and brain health issues including brain fog, SAD, depression Sleep disorders affect 40% of Canadians There are 50 known autoimmune diseases in Canada affecting 2 million people – 80% of them are women  One in 10 Canadians suffer from a thryoid condition that is generally undiagnosed […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

July 2019 bewellnow workshops/events

My passion is working alongside you as we truly empower you to be the CEO of your own wellbeing and natural living.  Together we will: identify the best options to get you started develop a plan to level up your natural lifestyle provide continuous education to go deeper into addressing your wellbeing needs – both […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

July 2019 dōTERRA Promos

I love love love July’s amazing promos – especially the opportunity to win some rare oils – cananga, rose and jasmine with the Precious Petals campaign – perfect time for those who are already sharing to add these to their natural solutions.  Learn more about these precious gifts of the earth below.  Read on and […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

Ladies…are you the CEO of your own health???

  The adage “Momma’s gotta put on her oxygen mask first before saving others” is sooooooo true!!!!  We know it yet we don’t do it.  Why? The fast pace plugged in pace of life has us ebbing and flowing at rates our body, mind and spirit can’t keep up with so our energy gets stuck, […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

June 2019 doTERRA offerings

Hello June and hello bellnow community!! Are you ready for the fun, the sun and the summer, including the bugs???? If you want deet free all natural keep the bugs away and get itch relief in case one of them gets ya then check our terrashield spray. No itchy bites for me in cottage country […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

June 2019 bewellnow workshops

One of my main reasons in offering doTERRA as a key part of my bewellnow tookit is the opportunity to work alongside you as we truly empower you to be the CEO of your own wellbeing and natural living.  Together we will: identify the best options to get you started develop a plan to level […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

Balance your hormones naturally!

According to Psychology Today, our hormones are “silent drivers of behavior and personality, and their molecular fingerprints are on everything from attraction to appetite to moods etc.” Our hormones have a big say in who we are and what we do! It’s no wonder it’s important to understand what exactly they are and how we can manage […]

Sandi Browne BEWELL

Join us in creating healthy habits for life

  Who do you know that’s ready to bust open the glass ceiling where we stop spending 90% of our time taking care of everyone else and really be the CEO of our own health and wellbeing??  Tell them they’ve got an amazing opportunity to start/strengthen, and really anchor their natural living journey with one […]