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July 10, 2019 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Duke & Duchess 900 Jamieson Pky # 10, Cambridge, Ontario N3C 4N6

Another networking event!

Do you go to networking events in hopes of meeting prospects for your service or product but all you have to show for the time you spent is a few business cards?

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Join Diane Nelson of The Achievement Centre, Certified Coach in Conversational Intelligence at iGotPro.  You will learn and practice how to turn interactions into conversations that ignite interest and enthusiasm.  With a few simple tools and rituals you can engage in conversations that stimulate the production of dopamine and oxytocin (hormones that trigger pleasure and openness) that will lead to a connection and build trust quickly.


Would you like oxytocin and dopamine with your cocktail or would you prefer cortisol and adrenalin?

A relationship with a prospective client begins with communicating a sincere interest in the person’s success, continues with how you can meet their challenges and needs, and finishes with putting in place next steps for another conversation.


Diane Nelson

Team Facilitator & Leadership Coach Supporting Clients to Focus, Engage & get Results.

Diane is inspired when she hears her clients pause and say... "ah ha"! It is at this moment a shift is about to take place.

Coaching & Training:
When people work together day after day they form patterns of communication and responses. From time to time, those patterns need to be interrupted so that better results can emerge. I lead people through a learning process to: examine the impact they have on colleagues; adjust and add new skills; and I hold them accountable to continuously practice and strive to embody effective leader behaviour and attitudes. My clients are moved from their static position they have become accustomed to and move from knowing what 'right' looks like to doing it.

One-with-One Coaching:
Small business owners and senior leaders who want to push themselves to achieve personal goals and milestones thrive in a one-with-one coaching contract. Successful & experienced leaders impact their future and their company when they make "slight-edge" improvements. The difference between a silver and a gold metal is measured in fractions of time/distance/weight. So too is leadership and personal success.

Building Teams:
When an employee can utilize their strengths 80% of their work day, they are engaged, productive, happy and fulfilled. I help business owners and senior leaders to identify, select and orient the right person to fit the job position.

Diane has worked with local community, national and international charities for over 25 years. She has built and lead high performing teams. She has attracted expert and influential members to Boards of Directors. She has guided the transition from operational to governance boards, developing highly differentiated and professional teams to exceed short and long term goals. I bring an entrepreneurial framework to assess and grow social enterprise opportunities.

iGotPro is proud to present LEADERSHIPRENEURS.

"Building phenomenal people, who build phenomenal business."

We develop the professional and leadership potential of entrepreneurs through character, actions and relationships in our supportive network.
We pride ourselves on ensuring that you have an exceptional experience each week.

Leadershipreneurs will host socials throughout the summer, in various locations and times.  Regular weekly meetings will launch in September, with only one industry related professional per Tribe.  There may be more than one Tribe per city.


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